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[Add Me To Search] Learn How to Create Virtual Google Card

If you are looking out for a famous person on Google, chances are it is very easy to find information about them. For the majority of the time, the information also comes from trusted sources. 

What if the same applies to the mass majority of the population? And that is exactly what Virtual Google Card tries to address. 

So, if you want to create your people card on Google Search, this is just the right article for you. 

What is a Virtual Google Card?

The Virtual Google Card, or as Google likes to call it “people cards”, revolves around the idea of individuals being able to highlight themselves over the search result. 

It will ensure that a person has a more prominent and consolidated online presence. 

It will also help individuals to find authentic information about the said person. 

Basically, people cards bring forth the new era of virtual visiting cards, where a person can highlight their websites as well as social media handles for better reach. 

They can also add other relevant information they prefer to give out to the public. 

What are the Steps to Create Your Own Virtual Google Card?

Step 1: Add Me to Search 

Entering the query term “add me to search” enables the users to create their people card on Google search. You can find the create option on the top of the screen. 

Select “Get started,” and you can begin creating your own card. 

Step 2: Add the Required Data

After selecting, you need to enter all the relevant information to create the card successfully. The basic requirements include: 

Some of the additional information you can include on virtual business cards are: 

The social media profiles Google lets you add include: 

Bear in mind; you won’t be able to enter your email and phone number manually. Google will add the information directly from your Google Account.  

Step 3: Preview the Card and Save It

Last but not least, before finalizing, make sure to preview the card. Save the changes likewise. 

Your profile will immediately be indexed in the search query. Just look up for your name, and you are good to go. 

You can get detailed information on people cards from the Search Engine Journal

What If You are Outside of India?

Currently, at the moment, the Virtual Google Card is being tested on India alone. 

So, in case you are not located in India, you can still get your hands on people cards through a VPN. However, it will soon be launched worldwide.  

Final Takeaway

There is no point in arguing that Virtual Google Card is by far one of the most revolutionary ways to depict professionalism. 

Just having the idea of searching someone’s name on Google is a convenience within itself. 

You can get an entirely dedicated module along with their name, profession as well as location. Further tapping on the module will give you complete information on the same.  

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