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SEO Job Report 2020: How COVID-19 Impacted

Unquestionably, the Coronavirus outbreak has impacted most of the industries around the world. People in almost every industry are experiencing adverse effects of the Pandemic on businesses and jobs

However, according to the SEO JOBS REPORT 2020,  good news for the ones who are into SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO and digital marketing tend to blossom not only during the Covid-19 period, but it is sure to expand post the Pandemic. 

No, we are not assuming this. Right?

Recently, Backlinko analyzed around 7,051 job postings on LinkedIn and Glassdoor to understand the growth in the SEO market. 

In this article, we will enlighten you with:

  • In-demand SEO related roles
  • Major Highlights of the SEO Industry
  • Industries with Great Surge in Search Engine Optimization

Let’s first start with the SEO job roles that form amongst the major job requirements worldwide:

In-demand SEO Related Roles

Search Engine Marketer: 

According to Payscale, Search Engine Marketers earn a median salary of $45,255, which is on an average $2,300 more than that of the annual salary of a standard SEO Specialist. 

What are the roles of Search Engine Marketers?

Search Engine Marketing is a much broader term that incorporates SEO, Pay Per Click marketing, advertising and customer relationship management. SEM professionals are mainly branched to handle both SEM and SEO.

Business Marketing Consultant

The average salary of a Business Marketing Consultant is $57,610 per annum.

What are the roles of Business Marketing Consultants?

Working as a consultant means coordinating with clients to provide solutions for specific, create strategies and assist in search engine marketing as well as other internet marketing initiatives.

Digital Marketer

A digital marketer earns a median salary, which accounts for $46,919 per year, however, professionals with relevant qualifications in communications, strategic marketing and web marketing get a pay which is much greater than this.

What are the roles of Digital Marketer?

Digital Marketers handles all the types of online marketing related tasks including SEO, SEM, social media and paid marketing. This means Digital Marketers is a job title given to the ones who can create effective strategies, utilize SEO, work with content planning, social media, use analytics and data management, and can also work with different advertising platforms to drive paid traffic.

SEO Manager

SEO Managers have a median salary of $64,358, and they are required to handle a diverse array of responsibilities depending upon the company and team size.

What are the roles of SEO Manager?

SEO manager’s role involves understanding Search Engine Optimization for the client’s industry and potential search engine marketing. They directly work to oversee marketing strategies and look after the tasks of their team, rather than working with mundane elements of data and link analysis.

Content Marketer

With a median salary of $56,414, Content Marketers generally receive an annual salary which is equal or greater than that of SEO professionals.

What are the roles of Content Marketers?

Content Marketers possess SEO skills, as well as their roles and responsibilities, including the creation of blogs, web content, infographics, videos, ad copies writing, outreach material and other content. 

Now since you know the major SEO related roles which are in-demand, let’s have a look into the major highlights and key findings of the SEO JOBS REPORT 2020, as shared by Backlinko.

SEO Industry – Major Highlights & Key Findings

  • SEO Job Post Titles that are searched more:

The job requirement for SEO professionals has increased all over the world. Most of the companies that are looking for SEO professional, post job titles as follows: 

  • “Head of SEO”
  • “Senior SEO Manager”
  • “SEO Account Manager”
  • “SEO Copywriter”
  • “SEO content writer”
  • “Marketing Manager SEO”
  • “SEO Digital Marketing”

Based on the fact that remote work is growing amid COVID-19, companies are increasingly looking for SEO professionals who are comfortable to work from their remote location. A large number of SEO job profiles are searched along with remote work as supporting hashtags.

  • SEO professionals with knowledge of programming are more in-demand and get paid more:

SEO professionals with knowledge of coding or paid marketing get more exposure and hike in salaries than the ones who don’t. Job postings that require SEO professionals with knowledge of coding have 7.3% higher salary compared to the job postings without the programming language requirements

  • The average salary of a US based SEO Expert is $60,548 per annum. 

The figure varies significantly based upon different factors such as skills, experience, location of the company et cetera. According to the research by Deutsche Bank, the average salary of San Francisco based SEO professionals is 2.64x higher than the ones based in Charleston, Naperville and New Orleans.

The requirement of Non-tech SEO Experts is more than Tech based SEO professionals. 

According to the recent stats, 77.1% of companies look for non-tech SEO personnel such as “SEO strategists”, “SEO Manager” and marketing.

While only 22.9% of job titles in the SEO field comprises technical terms like “technical” and “analytics”

  • Industries with the Highest Number of SEO Job Postings

To make it easy for you to understand the growing demand in the SEO industry, we decided to break down the SEO job postings by sectors and industry. 

Here are the companies with the highest number of SEO positions, arranged in descending order:

  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Staffing and Outsourcing
  • Internet
  • Computer Hardware
  • It Services
  • Publishing
  • Clothing, BioTech and Pharmaceuticals

Lastly, comes the industries like Transportation, Home Furniture, House, Beauty, Fitness and more.

  • College Degree is Not a Must:

You might be surprised, but this is true. It has been found that around 64% of SEO positions don’t have any must requirement of a college degree.

Great news, isn’t it?

29.8% of SEO job postings require a bachelor’s degree and there are only a few companies who look for candidates with an advanced degree.

  • COVID-19 increased rather than declining SEO professionals requirement

Locked downs and social distancing measures have greatly impacted the economy of the countries worldwide. COVID-19 also brought the wave of unemployment and lays-off.

However, the good news for SEO professionals is that companies are still hiring the pros in SEO and content marketing. 

US Industry being significantly impacted by COVID-19, the SEO industry might have gone unscathed. However, SEO jobs are increasing because more and more companies are turning online. Moreover, many companies have become serious about boosting up their online presence. Hence, raising the number of SEO jobs further.

  • SEO Professionals with Knowledge Tools Receive More Benefits

Using tools is an essential part of the job of SEO professionals.  

In the study, we found that around 63.4% of SEO job postings mention that candidates should have hands-on experience with popular SEO tools like SEMRush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog and more.

  • Cities with Highest-Paid vs the Lowest-Paid SEO Job Openings

Companies based in California, New York and New Jersey have the highest-paid SEO professionals, whereas the ones based in Utah and Illinois pay the least.

Cities that recruit the highest number of SEO professionals in the USA include New York, Austin, Atlanta Chicago, and LA

  • Most SEO Job Openings Require 2-5 years of experience

This is the best part for the aspirants wishing to grow their career in SEO or Digital Marketing Industry. Most of the SEO Jobs come up for the candidates with 2 to 5 years of experience in the industry. 

Considering the fact that the SEO field is relatively new, there are many candidates with 8-10+ years of experience. That doesn’t mean it is not nice to have years of experience, however, most of the SEO jobs require professionals that can help them rank in Google and hence experience is not a matter of concern.

Let’s now head to the Coronavirus Impact on SEO to better understand the job requirement in the industry.

COVID-19 Impact on SEO (Search Trends & Impact by Industry)

Essential Ecommerce Stores are Trending Up.

Search Trends: Face masks near me, Hand sanitizer near me, Toilet paper near me, Sanitary wipes. 

Health and Wellness Information increased by 17%

Search Trends: Home remedies, coronavirus symptoms, handwashing technique, antibacterial essential oils, antiviral foods and antiviral herbs.

News Website and Apps are experiencing a boost in demand:

News publishers are seeing a significant gain in search traffic.

Other Industries that are experiencing a surge in SEO:

  1. Food and recipe websites
  2. Fitness and exercise equipment
  3. Online yoga classes
  4. Video Game Rental
  5. E-learning and home entertainment are up
  6. Financial companies are getting more traffic

All in all, you can say that SEO has become a priority of marketers amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Marketers are planning to reduce the spend of ads and other marketing strategies, and invest more in low-cost high return-on-investment channels like SEO, which means a surge in SEO jobs.

Given the uncertainty, We, at Skyfling Digital, recommend our clients custom SEO plans to manage COVID-19 related business interruptions with agility and speed. No doubt, the lasting impact of Coronavirus on consumers is yet to be seen, we are sure that as the situation will change, SEO will remain the most effective method of understanding and responding to customers’ needs.

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