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Explainer Video Insider Tips: Higher Retention & Conversions

Explainer Video Insider Tips

Are you looking to create an Explainer video for your business?

Before you go on with the process of creating an Explainer Video, you need to take a look at the Insider tips mentioned in this Blog.  We are pretty sure that these explainer video tips will help you create eye-catching videos at scale.

6 Insider tips for creating the Perfect Explainer Video

After working with tons of clients, we have come to realize what makes an Explainer video – Successful. We are pretty sure that your explainer video will keep your audience engaged and increase your conversion rates if you follow the 6 Explainer video tips mentioned below.

Focus on your script above everything else:

We have created successful Explainer videos for tons of clients over the years. The number one reason our explainer videos turn out successful is due to the amount of time and research we put into writing the script.

The script is where hundreds of businesses go wrong. Failing to put in ample research usually ends up in a script that is disconnected from your target customers.

Take a look at the framework given below before you sit down for writing a script for your Explainer video.

  • Create a Short Intro for your product/service
  • Explain the problem of your target audience
  • Explain how your product/service will solve their problems
  • Show Social proof like testimonials, reviews, etc
  • Add a clear CTA like Sign up, Subscribe, or Click below for a free trial at the end of your Explainer Video.

Neil Patel, a Pro Digital Marketer also mentions that the Script is one of  the most important components of a successful explainer Video

Keep your explainer videos as Short as Possible

Shorter Explainer Videos tend to bring in higher conversion rates. We understand that you want to fit all the information about your product in one explainer video, but we suggest you do not do that.

After working with a number of brands over the years, we’ve come to realize that the shorter the explainer videos the better is the conversion rates for those videos. We suggest that you keep your explainer videos within 3 minutes to make sure that it has Higher Retention and Conversion rates.

If possible, you can also lower the duration of these videos to anywhere between 30 seconds and a minute. This has shown to blow up the Conversion rates on explainer videos.

Don’t just Educate, Entertain

We understand that your explainer video is meant to educate your audience, but an entertaining video has a higher chance of increasing conversion rates. We have seen that adding a bit of humor in the script improves the reach and the likeability of your brand.

If humor is not your thing, you can try adding a surprise element to entertain your audience. But do remember that when your explainer video entertains your visitors, they are more likely to remember your brand for longer.

Hire a Voiceover artist and rent a recording Studio

Apart from stunning visuals, audio is another element that matters to create an Engaging Explainer  Video. We see a number of businesses produce terrific Explainer video, yet fail in supplementing it with High-Quality Audio.

If you are looking to increase the conversion rates in your explainer videos, hire a professional voiceover artist who can do justice to your script. More importantly, use the right equipment to record the voice, so that your video is of the Highest Quality and sticks in the minds of your visitors.

Use Music to Evoke emotions

Adding music is a part you must do after adding the proper Audio and video Elements to your Music. Music is really important to set the right tone and pace for your explainer video. Adding the right set of music tracks will elevate the experience of your visitors and make your brand Unforgettable.

State the benefits, Not your Features

We see this common mistake in many explainer videos posted by businesses. They write a Script that explains all their features, while in reality, no one cares about their features. Your customer only cares about the benefits your product/service can offer to them. Make sure that you always stick with the benefits of your products.

List the benefits and Not the features of your products.

How can Skyfling Digital Agency help you out??

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