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Understanding Google User Behavior: How Google Search Is Used?

One of the fascinating facts about Google Searches is why and how it works?

After analyzing Google behavior sessions of around 1801 to better understand how people are interacting with the all new Google SERPS. 

From the user behavior study, primarily few things were investigated like:

  • People clicking on ads vs. organic results
  • Percentage of the clicks that go to local, Google Shopping, and video. 
  • The average length of search sessions
  • Users that make it to the bottom of the search engine page

Here are a few things that are found in the study.

  1. It is found that Google’s autocomplete influence Google searches for almost 23% of all the search results. People that Google Searches for information or for local results tend to look for autocomplete suggestions for better referencing. This is also more than those searching for commercial queries. 
  2. 50% of the users’ hover on the results from Google SERPS within 9 seconds of looking for the searched term. And the average amount of time a searcher takes to click on the link that is shown in the Google Searches is around 14.6 seconds. 
  3. On Google SERPS, only 9% of the searchers come to the bottom of the first page. 
  4. Initial search term modification is observed amongst 15% of the users. This also suggests that Google Searches tend to give highly-relevant results. It also suggests that Google users are more adept at choosing the right keyword in their first attempt. 
  5. The majority of the Google users (almost 59% of them) visit a single page during their search session. 

Factors That Affect Search Behavior

Many factors are responsible for search behavior, but the most significant ones from the perspective of SEO are as follows: 

  • One of the prime factors why Google Searches occur is because of the search intent. The intent includes informational, navigational, and transactional.
  • Demographics are a key player like location, gender, education, and income.
  • Changes in technology like rising or more frequent use of voice search and the increase of mobile devices.
  • Change in language usage and shifts in local language usages. 

Influence of Search Intent on User Behavior  

In layman’s term, search intent refers to the reason as to why a user does Google Searches. There are currently three main types of search intent like:

  1. Navigational queries: It happens when a searcher goes to Google SERPS for some specific search like “amazon” or “Facebook.” 
  2. Informational queries: This happens when the searcher is looking to find an answer to a specific question regarding Digital Marketing or others through questioning. For example, one might ask, “how many mission impossible movies are there?”.
  3. Transactional queries: When a searcher uses Google SERPS for a conversion action, like signing up, purchasing a product, or looking for an address. 

Google Searchers and Organic Results

According to a study, 65% of Google Searches click on organic results.

A number of features of SERPS were rolled out over the last few years that include Knowledge Panels, Featured Snippets, Twitter cards, and much more.

Despite such features, it is found that 65% of the searches on Google SERPS have at least clicked on “one blue link” of the organic result during the search session.

The Bottom Line

It can be said undoubtedly that Google SERPS are changing at a rapid rate with more ads and more SERP features. This is not all; Google is also rolling out entirely new search experiences like Google Discover.

This is why it is important for users to understand how user intent or interaction is important for modern-day Google Searches.

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