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New Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update – Medic Update

Here, we’re going to discuss GOOGLE’s latest algorithm update, aka Medic Update. The August GOOGLE Ranking Algorithm Update packs information, including official GOOGLE sources, as well as unofficial insights. 

Key Takeaways from GOOGLE Medic Update

1) Marketers need to pay close attention to the newly reformed GOOGLE’s E-A-T guidelines. In order to improve Google Ranking, one needs to consider Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. 

2) Google is paying closer attention to Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) contents. The medic update is going to clamp down on any content that doesn’t hold its credibility.

3) 41% of the websites affected by the Medic Algorithm Update were health-related. This clearly states the truth in studies that people truly trust GOOGLE.

4) The new GOOGLE Ranking Update is “broad” in every spectrum. According to Yoast, the update is also focused on including job pages to companies. GOOGLE’s aim is to provide relevant match search intent.  

5) The August GOOGLE Ranking Algorithm is at better integration with the core update from June. The entire movement is towards a more streamlined view on SERPs. 

How the New GOOGLE Ranking Algorithm Update is Going to Affect Us?

As stated by GOOGLE, the new GOOGLE Ranking Update is going to be a global one. That means it’s not just the health niche that’s good to be affected. 

The term ‘Your Money or Your Life” was first coined back in 2013. They are certainly under the radar of the new update. GOOGLE’s guidelines define then as: 

  • Pages containing personal information, including personal identification number, driving license number, account statement, and number, along with everything else that can be used for identity theft. 
  • Any page with the information of monetary transactions.
  • Any website offering medical and healthcare information that can significantly impact the physical well-being of a person.
  • Pages that can influence significant life decisions. GOOGLE Ranking is going to be a challenge. 

According to SEMrush Sensor, the August GOOGLE Ranking Algorithm has received an overall score of 9.4. Some of the niches they have ranked the very same day includes: 

  • Arts and Entertainment: 9.4
  • Automobiles: 9.4
  • Beauty and Fitness: 9.4
  • Finance: 9.4
  • Computer and Electronics: 9.3
  • Travel: 8.7

If you want to have an in-depth analysis on how the GOOGLE Ranking Update has affected the internet, make sure to check out the blog curated by Search Engine Land 

What to do with August Google Ranking Algorithm?

With so many queries being asked on the GOOGLE Ranking Update, GOOGLE’s official statement resides with creating better content. 

Regardless of the update, it is the best time to reconsider Content Marketing Strategies

1) Improve Your Domain Authority

Get better GOOGLE Ranking by adding more testimonials and client reviews on your website. Foster reviews throughout the internet on websites like Yelp and Glassdoor. 

Build your company’s authority on reputed platforms like LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Twitter. 

Contact information should be there on every single page, along with all relevant information. 

2) Query Intent Theory

Consider curating more content based on the “People also ask” section. Currently, that’s the biggest driving factor for GOOGLE Search Ranking.

This is one of the main reasons, even websites with better E.A.T have seen such a huge decline. Try to resonate with the Query Intent Theory 

3) Content Theory

This is not a standalone theory, but a collaboration of different elements. The content length directly affects your SERPs position. 

The broader a content is organized, the better it can correlate with the search term. That’s what has been seen through the latest update.  

Final Takeaway

It is imperative to understand that August GOOGLE Ranking Algorithm is going to significantly impact the ways we perceive search results. 

Post August 1, webmasters, along with website owners, need to rethink their content marketing strategies. This is especially in effect with the medical and healthcare niche along with YMYL websites. 

So, buckle up your seat belts, because even the minute changes in the website are going to affect your GOOGLE Search Ranking. 

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