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Explainer Video Production: How to Create a Business Videos

Explainer videos are a must-have for businesses in the digital age.

If you run a business, we need you to understand the importance of an Explainer video in your marketing assets.

So we have put together this blog post to help you create an explainer video for your business. Let’s not waste any more time and dive right in!

What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are short videos that explain the working of your product/service in an Easy to Understand way. After working with 100’s of clients we have come to realize that Explainer videos are the best way to market your brand to your target population efficiently.

For starters, explainer videos are no longer than 5 mins, with the average length of these videos in the range of 2-3 mins. 

In essence explainer videos are meant to educate and entertain potential customers when they visit your website and thereby converting them into leads of your Business.

Where are they usually placed?

Explainer Videos are usually placed in Landing pages or on the homepage of your website. It is placed at the top of the website to make sure that your site visitor can access the video with ease. 

By placing the video at the top, you have a higher chance of Engaging visitors and converting them into customers.

Can you give me One good Reason to add an Explainer video to My Website or application?

As a Marketing agency who has been creating explainer videos for tons of clients over the years, we can give you two reasons to create explainer videos for your Business.

  1. 59% of business executives agree that, with the choice of text and video on a webpage, they will most probably go for the Video.

    They Believe that a Video is easy to consume and effective at getting the point across.But what difference does it make to my business?
    Yes, we get it. You are wondering as to how this will help you improve your Business.
    That is where our 2nd point comes in.

  2. Some websites claim that their Average conversion rates have increased by almost 140% after adding explainer videos to their Homepage.
    Better Conversions translate to more leads for your business. With more leads, you generate a higher amount of revenue.
    In short, we have come to realize that Explainer videos serve as an incredible marketing asset for businesses over the Internet.

What are the Types of Explainer Videos?

We’ve created explainer videos for a ton of clients over the years. These videos fall into any one of the four categories mentioned below: 

  • Live-Action explainer Videos
  • Animated Explainer Videos
  • Whiteboard animation explainer Videos
  • Hybrid Explainer videos (  A mix of two or more types of Video formats from the list )

How can I create an Explainer video for My business ?? ( The Process behind it )

Creating an explainer video for your business is easier said than done. but when you do it right, you can easily rack up engagement metrics on your website.

Create a script

Like all professional videos, your explainer video starts with a well-written script. Your video can have the greatest Voice actors and the best editors, but it will not be successful if the script is not right.

You need to create a script that will explain your product to your target customers. You need to understand their pain points and create a script that explains how your brand will solve their problem.

Here’s a simple outline you can follow for your Script

  • A quick explanation of your product
  • Talk about your customer’s pain points and problems
  • Explain how your product/service will solve their problems
  • Showcase Social proof metrics like testimonials, reviews, etc..
  • Add a Call To Action ( try our free trial, sign up here, etc )

Record the voiceover

We suggest hiring a professional voiceover artist to record the script. We have seen that this small move will elevate the quality of your explainer video by a ton. 

Neil Patel, an Expert Digital Marketer also believes that you need to hire an expert Voiceover artist for your Explainer videos. This Step is necessary to make an outstanding explainer video 

Explainer Video Production 

Depending upon the type of video, you can shoot it or animate it with the help of dedicated software.

For example

Dollar Shave Club uses a Live-Action Video, which is harder to produce.

While Spotify uses an Animated video

Both of these Videos require different types of production and have Different budget allocations. But it all boils down to understanding your customer and getting the message across

Edit and Publish 

Finally, when you are done with the production and voiceover, you need to carry out the post-production work like editing and adding music to the video

When that’s done you can go ahead and publish it!

Here’s an example of a Well made explainer Video from apple –

It’s the perfect combination of Animation and Live action video, making the way for a Super Smooth video.

How can Skyfling Help me with Explainer videos?

We have created explainer videos for tons of clients over the years. If needed we would be more than happy to create a stellar explainer video for your business.

Click here to Kickstart your Explainer Video with Skyfling Digital

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